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One of the busiest move weeks – May 25 to June 1 – is just around the corner. Here, we share some common mistakes to avoid when moving to a new home.

1. Underestimating How Much Time It Takes.

Let’s face it – moving is time consuming and we often think it will go faster than it actually does. To make sure you’re ready for move day, make a list of everything you need to do in advance, including even the smallest tasks. Then sit down with your calendar and assign a date for each task. Once you see individual tasks added to your already busy schedule, it will help you plan better. Not being ready on move day is not only stressful, but it is very costly.

2. Not Making a Floor Plan for Your New Home.

Knowing where each piece of furniture will go and making sure it will fit makes moving day faster and easier. Imagine the stress if you discover the red couch you thought would fit in the master bedroom is too big and needs to go to the basement. Now the movers need to take it down two flights of stairs and the move day just got longer and more expensive.

3. Not Staging Your Home.

In today’s real estate market, staging your home is essential to sell it quickly and for top dollar. Trust your realtor’s advice. If they tell you to paint your cabinets, paint them. If your furniture is drab, your house will look drab. Do what it takes to cast the best light on your home. First impressions are everything. Stage, stage, stage.

4. Getting an Estimate from The Mover on the Phone.

Choose a mover who has come to your home for a survey before providing the estimate. Seeing your home and its contents is essential for an accurate estimate and a smooth move day. Any mover who values your business and respects your belongings will gladly come out to your house.

5. Expecting to Make a Lot of Money Selling Your Belongings.

Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the years and items you may have paid a lot for are no longer considered valuable. On this list is china, figurines, and antique furniture, among others. It can be disappointing to find out the market is saturated with these items. Donating is often a good alternative to selling.

6. Not Buying Moving Boxes.

Good moving boxes and packing supplies are essential to protect your belongings when you move. These supplies are expensive, so be sure to include them when budgeting for your move. Be sure to ask if you can return any unused boxes in case you have more than you need.

7. Getting Overwhelmed When You Arrive in Your New Home.

You have just finished the enormous project of selling your home, packing up your life, and you have arrived in your new home. Now you are faced with unpacking and getting settled. Take a deep breath and start with the essentials. Put sheets on the beds you will sleep in that night and locate the towels. I recommend packing your first night essentials in a few boxes and label them clearly so you can find what you will need right away. From there, prioritize which rooms need to be unpacked first and pace yourself.

Moving is a big job, but with a solid plan and it can be a very exciting transition in your life.

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