Giving back is at the core of our culture – and our mission to help families and shape more meaningful connections starts in our backyards. A few months ago, WayForth was chosen to help a military family who was featured on Lifetime’s Military Makeover show with Montel Williams. We moved their belongings to storage while the show renovated their home. Enjoy this season’s episodes, featuring the Pryor family and WayForth by clicking on the links below!

Meet the Pryor Family

Major Progress Happening at the Pryor Family Home

Gearing up for the Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

About the Show

Our military servicemen and women boast a proud history and a devoted dedication to serve. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution that guarantees our freedom, making the ultimate sacrifice when we need them most. But what about those who serve? Who serves them when they need our help?

Military Makeover with Montel offers hope and a helping hand here on the home front to members of our military and their loved ones. Talk show legend and military advocate Montel Williams, a veteran of both the Marine Corps and the Navy, leads the Makeover team’s mission. This special series enlists conscientious designers, contractors, landscapers and other home improvement professionals to transform the homes and lives of military families across the country.

The Pryor Family

While on his 3rd tour in Afghanistan, Army Master Sergeant, Joey Pryor was part of a route clearance mission to locate IEDs buried underground. Their radars successfully picked up three, but failed to pick up a fourth, which detonated directly under the team’s vehicle. Amis the chaos of flying debris, smoke, explosions and enemy fire, Joey was able to check that his buddies were ok before taking cover. He escaped the firefight with severe injuries but thankful and lucky to still be alive. Joey was medically retired in 2017, after serving a total of thirteen years in the Army, and over 30 months deployed in Afghanistan – a highly decorated career that saw him receive numerous accolades including service medals, commendations, combat action badges, and a Purple Heart for his bravery and sacrifice on the battlefield. Similar to her husband, Air Force Veteran, Joy Pryor, came from a family with a rich history of military service. Enlisting at the age of 22, Joy completed Basic Training at Keesler Air Base in Mississippi, before advancing her career at various stations across the country as a Precision Measurement Laboratory Technician. Joey and Joy met during High School, but it was not until reconnecting later in life via Facebook that their romance blossomed. Both being military veterans and suffering the physical and emotional aftereffects associated with service and sacrifice, the couple were able to completely understand and be there for one another. Joy and Joey have served a collective 19 years in the military. While they still struggle with PTSD and physical injuries to this day, it has not stopped them from building a loving home for their family and pets, and with the help of Military Makeover and our dedicated partners, the Pryor family will soon be able to call it their ‘forever home’.

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