Even if you or a family member are excited to be moving to a senior living community or new home, there are bound to be a mix of emotions. Moving can be stressful and challenging even in the best of circumstances.  

To help you and family members navigate your next move, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite tips to make handling all the emotional ups and downs a bit easier. 

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1) Get enough rest and don’t skip meals 

In the hustle and bustle of planning a move, it’s important to take care of yourself. Getting sleep and making sure you’re eating properly can help keep your energy up and manage your emotions. 

2) Work the way that works for you

Some people are list makers. Others do better with a more unstructured plan. Take a minute to think how you best handle large projects and apply that to your move. Use the process that feels the most comfortable for your situation. 

3) Break up big tasks

Looking at a huge move can be overwhelming. Instead, break your tasks into smaller ones. Don’t try to tackle the entire kitchen in one long day; take it one drawer at a time. You’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed. 

4) Let your feelings flow 

Bottling up your emotions may backfire in the long run. If you need to have a good cry or get irritated, it’s perfectly normal. Let yourself feel the way you feel and then you can move on to the next day or task. 

5) Ask for help 

No one has to move alone. Reaching out to family, friends and professionals like the team at WayForth for help organizing, packing and cleaning can relieve some of the feelings of stress and worry. 

6) Schedule some down time 

When you’re constantly working on a move, the feeling can be overwhelming. Carving out a break to just relax will help recharge your batteries and you’ll be less likely to bubble over with emotions. Take a walk, go out for dinner or watch a favorite TV show.  

7) Lay groundwork for keeping in touch

If you’re sad or worried that you will lose touch with friends, take action now by gathering their contact information and familiarizing yourself with video call platforms like Zoom for FaceTime.  With these tools, you can stay connected with your friends and loved ones no matter where they are.  

8) Talk to a friend or professional 

Sometimes having someone to talk to helps you understand your emotions. Reach out if you think you need someone who can be an empathetic listener or share some coping skills. 


If you want to learn more about WayForth’s move management and moving solutions including downsizing, packing and unpacking contact us today. How you move matters, move with WayForth. 

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