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If you’ve got a college student who is preparing to go back to school, you know it’s a big undertaking. From shopping for clothes to decorating dorm rooms or apartments, and organizing books and classes, there’s so much to do. 

Once the student has settled on their living space and nailed down their class schedule, it’s time to dive into the essentials that bring that comforting touch of home to college life. 

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Sleeping space 

Since the bed is probably the largest thing in a student’s room, it’s the best place to start. Choosing a color scheme and even coordinating with roommates or housemates can make the space seem more welcoming.  

Grab a comforter and sheets that match. Some people may prefer a solid color while others are looking for a pattern to show a bit of personality. Whatever you choose, make sure everything is warm and washable.  

Another great option to consider is a duvet. Not only does it provide warmth and coziness, but it also allows for easy swapping with the seasons or in case of spills or stains.  

Pillows for decoration are a must. While a regular bed pillow is critical to a good night’s sleep, adding decorative pillows in different shapes and sizes can add style and softness for lounging or reading.  

College life 

Having a television, video games, dorm fridge and coffee pot are essentials to any good student’s room. Make sure that the college’s guidelines are followed, and all safety precautions are taken for anything electrical.  

If there is a roommate involved, the cost of the dorm fridge or television might be split but remember to decide ahead of time if one person is the “owner” and can buy the other out at the end of the semester.  

Snacks and drinks are also a must for any college student. Think about who buys what and how to store things efficiently.  

Decorating ideas 

Many designers start a room with a rug to set the tone. If you’re adding a rug, you may want to pick something that can be easily cleaned by a quick shake outside or even put in a washing machine. Rugs can also help reduce sound in the room and keep your toes warm in the winter months.  

Think about adding plants to the dorm or apartment as well. They add a homey feeling and help to clean the air as a nice bonus.  

One of the largest decoration spots in a room are the walls and ceilings. Add twinkle lights, posters, framed photos from home and colorful lamps. Let your creativity shine through and make your room truly reflect your style. 

Storage space 

One of the big topics at every college or university is storage. Closets may be small, there may be space for only one full-sized dresser and if the student has roommates, space may be limited.  

Ideas from apartmenttherapy.com include:  

  • A small, tiered rolling cart for stashing everything from pens and pencils to snacks
  • A desktop organizer to hold pens, highlighters, books, etc. 
  • Adjustable shelving to maximize vertical space 
  • Over the door racks that are designed to hold shoes or clothes
  • Under the best carts or storage boxes 
  • Drawer organizer to  make the most of a wide or deep space 

Students can also utilize pieces such as hampers, storage bins, bed risers, television wall mounts and small wastepaper baskets to stretch space.  

A final note about affordable storage 

As you kick off the school year and get everything in order, it’s important to think ahead about storage solutions for the upcoming semesters or even the summer break. Planning ahead can make all the difference! 

WayForth offers affordable storage for college students during summer or winter break. Our team can handle pickup, storage, delivery and shipping for college students. Items are kept safe and secure and then can be ready for next year’s move to campus. Check it out!  

Whether you’re looking for storage options or help with a complete move, WayForth can help. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive moving solutions. Including downsizing, clear-out, storage and moving. For more information, contact our moving professionals today at 1.844.929.6833. 

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