When you think of storage, you might think of garages, attics or closets. But storage can go beyond that to include your entire home. In this article, you’ll get hints and ideas on how to make the most of any space in your home.  

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Why storage?  

A clean, uncluttered home allows you and your family to relax and enjoy where you live rather than stress about what you have. When everything has a place, it’s easier to find things, easier to tidy a room quickly, and easier to understand what you do and do not own.  

Because basements and attics can sometimes be a dumping ground for stuff, those are usually the areas people tackle first. Now is a good time to assess if you still need what you have. If you haven’t used something in the last two years, ask yourself honestly if you ever will. Things like golf clubs or ornaments never go out of style, but if they’re taking up space, it might be time to gift them to someone else or donate them.  

Next, gather like things together such as sports equipment, craft supplies and holiday décor. Whether you use new plastic bins, simple cardboard boxes or shelves, the most important thing is to label each piece and put them where you can see them best. 

Think outside the (plastic) box 

One of the easiest tips for storage, decluttering and tidying is to use what you have. Instead of purchasing plastic storage boxes, consider if an empty shoe box will do. Use smaller boxes when you’re organizing small things such as sewing supplies or cosmetics. Simply cut the top off a box (cardboard tea boxes or small pasta boxes work well) and stack your things inside. You can even paint the box and label it.  

You can also build or buy containers to help you maximize storage in large spaces like the garage or basement. Large garden tools can be corralled in a hanging rack to save floor space. Bikes and other large sports equipment such as skis and sleds can also be hung for access when you need them.  

Shelving is also a great way to store things vertically. Whether you use a new shelf or use what you have, shelves are a great place to stash clear boxes so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Just make sure your boxes fit onto your shelves!  

Be creative 

You can also use bookshelves in a new and unexpected way for your crafting, wrapping or sewing supplies instead of books. Or try using a filing cabinet to store folded linens or cleaning supplies. Old kitchen cabinets can also be repurposed for use in a basement or garage for holding items.  

Closets are another great place to flex your storage muscle. Instead of shoes and clothes, you can use a closet to store your computer, printer and office supplies if you’re working from home. Or designate one closet for travel and you’ll always know where to find your suitcases, backpacks and other globe-trotting necessities.  

Screws, nails and picture hangers are small and need their own place. Using empty glass jars is a time-tested method, but you can also use a tackle box or even a craft container designed for small beads.  

Instead of stacking pans, lids or cookie sheets, use wire racks made specifically to hold them in a small space. You can also use an upright file sorter to keep cookie sheets and pizza pans in place. In fact, a lot of office supply stores have great storage ideas that you can use in any part of your home.  

Ask for assistance  

If the idea of clearing clutter and downsizing is overwhelming or you just don’t have time to tackle your space, the professionals at WayForth can help. We have teams who can come into your home and help you sort, donate and discard. If you’re moving to a new home, we can even assist with space planning so you’ll know exactly what will fit in each room.  

If you need storage space that’s outside of your home, WayForth can help with that as well by moving your things to and from a designated storage space whenever you’re ready.  

WayForth can help you or a family member with our comprehensive moving solutions including downsizing, storage, packing, space planning and set-up in a new home. To learn more, contact our moving professionals today at 1.844.WAYFORTH.  

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