Set-up and storage ideas for college students

Back-to-school brings to mind new clothes, fresh notebooks and the excitement of another year of learning. For college students, and their parents, it also means furnishing dorm rooms or apartments.

While some students choose to live close to their town, others will trek across the state or even the country for their time at university. That means furniture and possessions have to be purchased, transported and even stored.

As August begins, we thought it would be helpful to look at how students and families can set up new living spaces as well as the solutions that we can provide to make the transition a bit easier for everyone.

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Start the set-up

One of the best ways to go about furnishing a new place is to start with what you have.

  • Look around your home now to see what your student can take
  • Find out if there is any furniture or kitchen supplies that come with the room or apartment
  • Contact any roommates to see what they will be bringing

Plan the space

Understanding how the dorm room or apartment is laid out will help you get a handle on what will go where.

  • Figure out the square footage your student will have. Average dorm rooms are about 12 x 19 feet, which is close to a single-car garage. Usually rooms this size are configured for two people.
  • If possible, get a floor plan from the college or apartment landlord
  • Have measurements of larger furniture such as bookcases or television cabinets ready

Tackle the project room by room

Once you know what you can bring from home and what others will be adding to the space, you can start getting organized. One tip is to work on one room at a time as you’re making lists or shopping.

  • Start with the bedroom and determine what size bed will fit into the space and what is comfortable for the student
  • Figure out furniture needs such as desks, dressers and chairs
  • Don’t forget the common areas such as the living room or kitchen
  • Shop early to make sure you get what you want

Clothes, shoes and sports equipment

  • Remember that the college term spans several seasons and that you might have to pack for winter in August
  • Figure out closet and dresser space and how much is available for the clothes the student is taking
  • Understand how much additional storage will be needed and how much is in the new space
  • Don’t forget about storing things like bikes, skis or surfboards that may not be used year-round

Custom storage solutions from WayForth

Students often need extra storage during the school year or between semesters. WayForth offers an option for storing college students’ possessions so that they are safe and secure. Plus, you can arrange for delivery when items are needed.

Bonus idea!

Often families decide to renovate when a student moves to college. If you think that back-to-school is the perfect time to do some re-decorating, you can use WayForth to store furniture for one room or an entire house while the work is being done.

Want more information about our comprehensive moving solutions with WayForth, including storage options? Contact our moving professionals today at 1.844.WAYFORTH.

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