Everything in its place

When you’re thinking about moving, you know you want to take certain items with you. Whether it’s your favorite chair, books you’ve collected, or a table that has hosted dozens of family holidays, it’s important to plan where these items will fit into your new place.

One of the most overlooked parts of the moving process is space planning. Whether you’re downsizing to a senior living community or trading in your current home for a new house, it’s important to factor in what you want to take and where it will all go.

That’s where our space planners come in. They will assess how your treasured items may or may not fit in your new home.

WayForth’s professional space planners have you covered for your next move. We take the stress and hassle out of moving. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Will it fit?

Space planning is understanding the measurements of your new home; the sizes of your furniture, the number of pieces you have, and how they can fit together.

If you’re moving into a new senior living community, you may receive floor plans to help you visualize the space or see a model home with furniture and appliances to give you a feeling of what your new place could look like. However, often these resources aren’t enough to plan for a new lifestyle, utilize a different amount of square footage or take into consideration your specific personal pieces.

Talk to a space planner

WayForth offers custom space planning to help you visualize how your possessions will fit into your new home and how each space can be used. Even if you don’t know exactly what your new place will look like, we can use our knowledge and CAD drawing technology to help you envision the space.

The process starts with one of our Client Guide Managers assessing your current home and listing items that you wish to take to your new place. During this phase, conversations about repurposing items, downsizing and donating items will also come up.

Size matters

If you know where you are moving to and what floor plan you will be living in, then using exact measurements can make you feel confident that the couch you have now will be perfect for your new space. Or, they can help you decide to purchase a queen-size bed instead of using the king-size one you have now. We can help measure both your current pieces and any new furniture to make sure everything will fit where you’d like.

Storage is important wherever you live, so a WayForth space planner can assist with that as well. Closets and kitchens are two prime places where storage may be smaller than you are used to, so we can suggest ways to consolidate or eliminate, whichever works for you. We can also help think outside the box when it comes to your new home, such as using a coat closet to hold a file cabinet.

Think about your lifestyle

Another space planning discussion involves what your lifestyle will be in your new home. If you are going to a new place where your meals are served in a community dining room, you may need fewer dishes or can give away small appliances such as a toaster or mixer. Or, if your new home shows movies in a theatre, you may not need all the movies you’ve collected over the years. The entire community is also part of your new space and, more importantly, your new lifestyle.

Wherever and whenever you move next, consider using a WayForth space planner to make the most out of your new home.

WayForth are you move experts! If you’d like to know more about the WayForth move management solutions and space planning, contact us today.

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