Floating shelves are a great way to maximize small spaces. Because they take up zero floor space, they can be used in areas where a traditional bookcase or table just isn’t practical. They can also give underutilized spaces a purpose, transforming alcoves and empty walls into a functional space.

From the office to the bar, here are four unique uses for floating shelves that will make life easier and more organized.

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Create a video conferencing command center

Because of the travel restrictions and concerns brought about by COVID-19, many people are using video-conferencing apps to stay in touch with friends and family. You can see a list of the most popular services here.

To make staying in touch easier, use a set of floating shelves to create a video conferencing command center. Install one as a home base for your laptop or tablet. Or get creative and build a floating shelf desk, using one panel for the camera and another for your wireless keyboard and mouse. Additional shelves can store pencils and notebooks — and maybe a mirror to check that everything’s in place before the video call. If there’s room, tuck a small stool under the bottom shelf.

Reimagine your TV stand

Gone are the bulky TV stands of yore. Thanks to the rising popularity of flat screens, wall-mounted TVs and streaming services like Netflix, we simply don’t need a large console to store our equipment and entertainment collections anymore.

That said, most of us still want some storage in the TV area. Enter floating shelves. These can be arranged around your TV and serve as a home for peripherals like DVD players and Apple TVs. Floating shelves can also act as decoration, giving the eye something to look at other than the screen. Contrast the digital nature of today’s TVs by displaying books or favorite albums on your shelves.

Expand your night stand

In the bedroom, floating shelves can be used to complement or even replace your nightstand. Place a thin shelf (one less than 5 inches wide) behind a nightstand to store books and photos. This will prevent your bedside table from becoming cluttered. In small rooms, a floating shelf can also be used in lieu of a nightstand. Simply find one that fits your space and storage needs. Some shelves come with drawers and linen bars, others include multiple tiers.

Build a floating libation station

Show off your spirits with a bar fashioned from floating shelves. Like all of the suggestions here, this project can be as simple — or as elaborate — as you like. A few floating shelves can serve as storage for wine and liquor, giving a previously neglected corner of your kitchen or dining space a new use. If you already have a space with a dedicated sink and wine fridge, the floating shelves can also act as wall storage or even replace existing overhead cabinets. To make your bottles and keepsake glassware sparkle, consider installing pocket lights to the bottom of your shelves. Small drawers can also serve as storage for wine and bottle openers, freeing up your silverware drawer.

Your turn! What’s the most unique way you’ve seen floating shelves used in the home? Tell us more below.

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