Enjoy life with a pet!

Pets bring so much into our lives. Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of their dog’s tail wagging as soon as you walk in the front door? Or the purr of a cat as she comes in for her daily snuggles? But, did you know that pets can add health benefits to their owners?

In honor of National Pet Day, celebrated on April 11, we thought it might be fun to dive into how pets affect our physical and mental health, especially for seniors.

Check out some of the ways our furry companions make our lives a little better:

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Increased activity

Walking the dog or playing fetch is a great way to exercise your pet and add some activity to your day. Even a short walk around the block gets your heart rate up and gives you an opportunity for some fresh air. According to the American Heart Association, just playing with your dog increases dopamine and oxytocin, two of the brain’s feel-good chemicals.

Less stress

Being around animals is known to reduce cortisol, the hormone that is released due to stress. Simply petting a cat or dog can help you calm down and face stressors happening in your life.

Lower risk of heart attacks

There is good quality data in the scientific community that dog ownership is associated with reduced cardiac deaths. This could be because pet owners often get more exercise and have lowered blood pressure than others in their age group. And, there is evidence that dog-owners who have suffered a heart attack have a better medical outcome versus those that don’t have a canine companion.

More happy days

Sharing your life with a pet can mean more happy moments. Whether it’s the unconditional love you get every day from your furry friend or the joy they add when they do something cute or silly, it’s hard to stay in a bad mood for too long with a pet around. Plus, petting your furry companion is known to release serotonin, the “happy” hormone.

Socialization opportunities

Going on a walk with a dog or visiting a dog park opens up opportunities to meet new people who have something in common with you. While you can’t take a cat or fish out for a walk, your pet can be a great topic of conversation when you’re meeting new people.


Having a cat, dog, bird or even fish at home adds a bright spot of companionship to what might be a lonely living arrangement. Pets give you a chance to offer daily care and love to a living, breathing presence.

This National Pet Day, make sure you show some love to your favorite animal. You’re sure to be rewarded with a meow or a wagging tail along with a healthier, happier you.

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