Have you have ever “misplaced” a valuable work project or found your zip drive under a pile of papers right before an important meeting? Then you understand the benefits of implementing stress-reducing, time-saving behaviors to keep your desk organized. You won’t just look more efficient; you’ll be more efficient when everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Don’t let clutter keep you from living your best life – clean the space, sort the clutter, and divide the items either for donation or the trash bin! Here’s all you need to know to point you in the right direction.

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State of mind for organization

Get yourself in the right mindset to begin this journey. Know that this is a process and doesn’t need to be completed in one day. Know that you will feel lighter, and more productive when you can find things quicker. Know that parting with excess belongings will free you up to prosper in your new open space. Practice peace of mind technics by using encouraging words to describe your desk area. Individuals who use negative words such as cluttered and a mess to describe their home and surroundings showed signs of chronic stress with increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in their bodies. Alternatively, those who described their home as being restful and organized were less stressed and reported fewer feelings of sadness and procrastination as the day went on.

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A clean sweep

Begin by using your favorite furniture cleaner; give your desk a good swipe to make it shine and remove the germs. Afterwards you will feel accomplished and better about the space. It will probably smell nice and have less dirt and dust; we are off to a good start! (Don’t have a favorite cleaner? Try SetYourOffice.com for a list of furniture cleaners, dusters, and mini desk vacuums to consider.)

Since we now have a clean slate, it’s time to organize the excess. A cluttered environment can make your brain less effective at processing information — and more prone to frustration. Taking a moment in the morning to situate your desk for that day’s workload can save time by allowing you to work more efficiently throughout the day. Likewise, straightening your effects at the end of the day sets you up for success the next day.

Less trinkets, more benefits

Regardless of all the new trinkets seen on tv, buying useless items doesn’t necessarily make you happier. Having less item options provides – more order, a faster turnaround time and increased work satisfaction. It also provides opportunities to develop longer attention spans that can translate into better focus and retention.

Think quality over quantity for desk organization. Cut down on all the extras and just get one desk organizer to store your belongings. Don’t know where to start? Unclutterer.com has a list of updated organizers for 2022. Reducing the amount of spend on useless items and buying productive products will help keep your bank account happy, too.

Get 8 hours of Z-time

Forty percent of Americans are sleep deprived and many get less than five hours of sleep per night. Getting less than six hours of sleep can leave you cognitively impaired – increasing your number of work errors. This can lead to less enjoyment during the workday and in your personal life. Developing an evening routine and winding down may help to get asleep faster and longer. Hence, leading to larger success.

How about incorporating a cup of herbal tea into your evenings to relax? K-cups aren’t just for coffee anymore; they have them for tea, too. Why not go this route and let the Keurig do all the work? Or if you prefer the more traditional route with a teapot, SleepNumber.com gives some great advice on how to brew teas and which teas are best for slumber. Another means of decompressing is reading a book in hard copy versus a digital book. The blue light from electronics tricks your mind into thinking it’s daytime and can make it difficult to fall asleep. Turning off the tv or social media an hour before bedtime can help, too.

Waking-up from a full night’s rest heightens your mood and increases motivation to keep your desk, office area and home functioning at full capacity. Being happy and healthy encompasses a functioning work and personal life balance which can be achieved by have a peaceful and thriving home and office environment.

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