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Although we all have different footwear needs and desires, we could all use a better system for storing our shoes. Footwear storage tends to be an afterthought in most households. Generally, shoes get stuck in the “wherever they can fit” category of at-home storage. However, storing your footwear creatively can transform a crowded closet or entryway into a spacious and organized oasis! That’s why we’ve gathered 13 space-saving ways to store shoes, boots and other footwear. Read on to get inspired!

1. Over the Door Storage

You’ve probably seen this one before on some inspirational Pinterest page. But it’s actually a super easy and cheap way to store your shoes! This creative shoe storage idea is best designed for slimmer types of shoes like flip flops and sandals. However, some sneakers could also fit in the clear or mesh pockets. Check out the great shoe storage idea below here!

2. Store Boots Upside Down

This is a great option for those who have several pairs of boots, especially if those boots tend to get pretty wet or dirty! A dowel option is totally DIY, but you can also purchase similar storage systems online such as the one pictured below from Kohl’s!

3. Zinc Boot and Shoe Tray

A big issue when it comes to shoe storage isn’t just space but mess. Shoes and boots track in dirt and mud which can be tracked through your whole home. Here’s a stylish and sanitary option that will keep your entryway clutter-free and your shoes nice and dry.

4. Pack around Luggage

This is a great idea for packing shoes for storage or for travel. Rather than soiling your other items with the soles of your shoes, place the shoes with soles facing outwards along the inside perimeter of your bag.

5. Store Shoes in a Bed Skirt

Many people already have a bed skirt attached to their bed to hide under-bed storage. Why not use that very skirt for more storage? That’s the thought behind this creative shoe storage idea!

6. Use a Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Often there’s an empty wall within a closet or bedroom that could be easily transformed into creative shoe storage. By mounting some variety of shoe rack on a wall, you’re creating storage space without using floor space!

7. Store Shoes Behind a Curtain

If you have your shoes stored on a wall rack, you can add a curtain to keep them out of sight! Of course, this idea works best if you have some sort of alcove to fit with a shoe rack.

8. Store Shoes on a Ladder Shelf

A ladder shelf can be DIY or store-bought. Either way, this is a clever way to fashionably display your shoes without compromising on space!

9. Stick Shoes in a Wooden Pallet

This space and wallet saving option should be reserved for sturdier shoes. By sticking shoes into a wooden pallet, you can create a fun visual display and keep everyone’s sneakers organized! Of course, the coarse wood on the pallet isn’t ideal for more delicate styles, so keep that in mind.

10. Use an Ottoman for Out of Sight Shoe Storage

We’ve extolled the virtues of the humble storage ottoman elsewhere. However, even we didn’t think of it in terms of shoe storage! Turns out, the ever-useful storage ottoman can be the perfect location for storing your shoes without taking up space!

11. Add a Picture Inventory to Shoebox Storage

Many people already store their footwear in the shoe boxes they were purchased in. However, by adding pictures of each box’s contents, you can really up your shoe storage game!

12. Hang Heels on a Rail

Wondering how to store high heels? Mounting a railing is a great option that saves space and looks great. Whether you choose to attach the railing out of sight inside a closet, or to put your shoes on full display, you’ll love this creative shoe storage option.

Simply affix the railing to a wall and hook the heels on to it however you like! You can even find railings that mount to the wall with adhesive rather than with nails or screws. This is can be a great alternative for those looking to keep wall damage to a minimum.

13. Use Cubbies

Cubbies are a stylish way to organize and store all kinds of shoes and boots! Although more expensive than the picture and shoe box idea, cubbies allow for super easy visibility of all your items! You can get the shoe storage cubby system pictured below here!

Bonus Idea: Use Wayforth On-Demand Storage

These are all great ways to store your shoes, but sometimes you still need a bit more space. That’s where Wayforth comes in! Wayforth on-demand storage allows you to schedule a pickup or delivery of your shoes, or other items, whenever you want. Get your free Instant Quote today and consider storing your shoes with Wayforth!

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