Learn about the popular 55+ lifestyle 

One of the most popular communities that older people are exploring for their later years is an active adult community. Designed for ages 55 and up, this senior living option is different from typical retirement living. These neighborhoods have a variety of home choices clustered around amenities such as a pool area, clubhouse or other outdoor gathering spaces, but no medical care or coordinated, planned activities.  

Residents in an active adult community must be a certain age to live there. This age qualification, together with owning instead of renting, means you will have peers surrounding you as you enjoy your retirement years or preparing for retirement.  

Home choices can consist of individual homes, cottage-type residences, multi-family patio homes and even condominiums. Usually, these neighborhoods are close to shopping, cultural centers, restaurants and other attractions such as parks and walking or biking trails.  

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What do HOA fees cover? 

For most of these active adult communities, there is a homeowners’ association (HOA) fee to be paid either monthly or yearly. This fee pays for the low-maintenance lifestyle people are attracted to. These fees can cover a range of things, but commonly are used for landscaping and lawnmowing, exterior upkeep of the home, and any community amenities such as a pool or tennis court.  

Other costs are up to the individual homeowner. Some people may carry a mortgage or hire housekeepers or a handy man to help with the inside of the home. If you’re thinking about this type of active adult living, make sure you also budget for meals and home insurance. Specialty fees that are add-ons, such as for a golf or tennis club, should also be considered.  

Benefits to an active adult community  

Because you’re living among peers, you get the benefit of meeting others who are at the same stage of life as you are now. It opens up a new world of friendships that may last through the rest of your lifetime.  

You also don’t have to worry about things such as painting your exterior or putting on a new roof. There is no yard maintenance and no snow to shovel in the winter. Plus, because all residents must be a certain age, you will have a quieter environment.  

Finally, you will be able to enjoy amenities that are located within your community. Because they are designed for people with more free time in their schedules, builders often add pools, tennis and pickleball courts to the development. There may even be a community center building for gatherings and activities right in the neighborhood.  

Be aware: no health and medical services 

With an active adult community, you will have to source your own health and medical services. There are no onsite assisted living or healthcare services in a 55+ type of residence, so be sure that this is something you don’t need now or in the immediate future. Since this is your home, you can arrange for special services or in-home care if you should need it.  

Who is the right candidate for active adult communities? 

Most people who are drawn to an active adult type of community do not even consider themselves to be ready for a retirement living facility. They are looking for a hassle-free way of living after their children have grown and a chance to relax. These people may also be ready to concentrate on their hobbies or sports they love rather than working in the yard during the weekend.  

When you’re considering a 55+ community, you should consider a few points. One would be how long you would want to live in the residence. Most people would probably not want to buy a new home, move and then move again in only a few years.  

The next item would be location. Is being close to family or friends a consideration? Or are you ready for a change of venue and learning about a new city? Are you looking for social interaction? When you are in an active adult community, you are living in your own home and may have to search out group activities or organizations.  

Like every decision, you need to weigh the risks and the value of moving into an active adult community for yourself. Taking the time to gather information, talk with family and friends and honestly evaluating what is important will lead you to the right place.  

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