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Check out these budget-friendly ideas

Everyone is feeling the pinch of inflation, especially after the holiday season. To help you keep more cash in your pocket in 2023, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help you combat rising prices and make your money go further.

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Organize your budget

When you understand what your bills and spending habits are, it’s easier to get a handle on your money. Take a month and write down everything you buy, even that cup of coffee you grabbed while out running errands. Add that to your monthly bills, then compare that to your monthly income. This will give you an honest view of your financial picture. For more tips, look on the Internet for tips how to set a budget for your household. If you have a financial planner, they can also assist you.

Shop for groceries wisely

Making a menu and list helps you curb impulse shopping while you’re at the grocery store. If you are shopping for a family, try to buy family-size packages of cereal or meats and lower your price per ounce costs. Or if you are shopping for just one or two, schedule a meatless Monday and load up on beans or other plant protein that costs less than chicken or beef. You can also try different stores around town to find lower prices on groceries.

Pay attention to your miles

Driving can be one of your largest expenses. Gasoline, insurance and maintenance all add up. First, shop around for insurance. Making a few calls may save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, many companies will give senior discounts or can save you money if you bundle your house and property together with your car coverage. Next, find a local mechanic rather than a dealership to work on your car. Independent shops are usually lower in price and don’t make additional money selling extra services you may not need. Finally, plan your trips. Run three or four errands at once or carpool with friends.

Check your subscription services

A lot of us have television streaming services or online subscriptions we don’t use. Eliminate any that aren’t used or watched on a consistent basis.

Try a thrift store for clothing or household goods

Thrifting has come a long way in the last 10 years and there are good deals available . For example: instead of buying a new set of dishes for $40 or $50, you might be able to score a set at your local thrift shop for $15! There are also excellent second-hand online shops as well. Thrift stores are a great option if you are downsizing and looking for an opportunity to clean out your home.

Change the way you socialize

Invite friends to your home for dinner and a movie instead of going out. Or, take a walk with a friend. It’s a free activity and you get exercise as an extra bonus.

Ask for discounts

Businesses often give discounts to senior citizens. Or, utilize discounts included as part of your memberships or credit cards.

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