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Look around your home. What do you see? Probably years of things needed to live a life and raise a family. In an average American home, there are 300,000 items according to an article on becomingminimalist. If you’re planning a move, you should decide how to deal with some of those possessions sooner rather than later.

Whether you have shelves full of books, clothes for every occasion, furniture for an entire family or a collection of any sort, some pieces may not work in your new home. Or, you may want to see how much space you will have before you move everything with you. Whatever your situation is, you may need to lean on a storage service before, during and after you move.

WayForth is your trusted move management company. Our storage services provide you with security for your items before, during, and after your move. Contact our professionals today!

Using a storage service is a convenient way to hold on to your things while making decisions regarding your move. Reasons to use storage include:

Getting your home ready to sell

A well-organized, staged home with lots of room sells better than a home full of furniture and knick-knacks. Storage can be used to de-clutter your home while it’s on the market so it’s inviting to potential buyers.

Waiting for your new home to become available

You may have days – or even weeks – to wait between having to vacate your old space until moving into your new home. Storage space gives you peace of mind that your valuables will be safe until you’re ready.

Setting up your new home

Moving often means downsizing. So, you may not know what will fit or look best in your new space until you arrive there and get a feel for the place. Storage is a great way to hold onto things until you can arrange your things.

Holding items for auction or a family member

Storage space can also be used to hold pieces that may be sold at auction at a later date or given to a family member or friend in the weeks after your move.

And more

If you’re already in a senior community, you can use storage if you are moving from building to building (such as independent living to assisted living), or if you or the building are having any renovations done.

WayForth storage is the answer

At WayForth, we know your furniture, art and other possessions are important to you. That’s why we put care and detail into our storage solutions. We offer:

• Personalized solutions designed to meet your individual needs from irregular items to concierge containers
• Short- and long-term storage options that allow for on demand, concierge-level access
• Tracking and retrieval using QR codes on your items
• Delivery of stored items for an additional fee, including all items in and out or piece-by-piece
• Storage that is contained, sealed and protected in a clean, organized and maintained facility

All of this saves you precious time and means fewer hassles as you get ready to make the move to your new place. Make time to explore storage options and how they can work for you.

Read our article “Storage Services: More Than A Place For Old Furniture” to learn best storage practices.

Want more information about moving with WayForth, including our storage options? Contact our moving experts today.

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