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Keeping Seniors Safe 

June is National Safety Month   

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, whether it’s the family house where you raised your children, the condo that you downsized to a few years ago, or vibrant senior community. Taking care of safety, health and wellbeing can lead to a longer, happier life, especially when you’re talking about seniors.   

Safety for seniors can mean a wide range of things from medications to balance issues to eating healthy foods. For this article, we’re focusing on a few of the most significant:  

Balance, mobility and avoiding falls  

As people become older, they may develop more muscle weakness or balance issues. This can lead to falls, which are worrisome especially if someone is dealing with osteoporosis or other health challenges. According to the nia.nih.gov website, six out of every 10 falls happen at home. That’s why it’s vital to pay attention to balance and mobility.   

To help avoid falls, you can:  

  • Make sure lighting placement, output, and usage fits your lifestyle and home 
  • Check for loose rugs, uneven floors and slippery flooring 
  • Install handrails where needed inside and outside 
  • If possible, add strengthening exercises to your daily routine to help steadiness 

Bathroom hazards  

Taking a shower or bath brings a whole set of extra hazards such as water and slippery tile. Plus, some people who wear glasses may not see as well when they have to remove them when bathing.   

To make the bathroom a safer environment, you can:  

  • Add a shower seat 
  • Use bright lighting  
  • Mount grab bars inside and outside the shower and close to the toilet  
  • Use carpet tape for any rugs or mats to keep from slipping  

Health and medications 

Understanding medications is very important to staying safe. Doctors, healthcare providers and pharmacists are trained to make sure that you’re taking the right medicines at the right dose for your specific situation.   

To make taking medicines safer, you can:   

  • Take all medications and all dosages as prescribed 
  • Don’t use someone else’s medicine or prescription 
  • If a healthcare provider prescribes a new medicine, make sure they know what you’re already using to avoid a drug interaction  

Practicing good protocols  

This segment contains habits like good hand washing, mask and glove use if applicable, and keeping up on any vaccines. It can also pertain to the people and businesses that you interact with daily. WayForth, which offers complete moving solutions to seniors, practices health and safety in our WaySafe program.   

WaySafe uses the highest protocols and practices in the industry to keep our clients and employees safe. These include:   

  • Mandatory health and safety training  
  • Health screening before every move 
  • Social distancing when interacting with clients  
  • Mask and glove use 
  • Meticulous cleaning  
  • Mandatory vaccination  
  • Temperature testing 
  • Contactless moving options 

Take the steps you need for a safe, healthy environment today.   


If you would like to know more about WayForth and our WaySafe program, as well as our expert moving solutions, call us today  






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