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2022 is off to a great start in January with the national Celebration of Life Day on the 22nd. Haven’t we all asked ourselves if we could live a better life or have better habits? We’ve pondered what we could change in our daily routines to feel more joy and happiness every day. This is the perfect month to discuss the ways we can celebrate ourselves, the people around us, and the life we want to live. Let’s get started!

Just ask

During the day just ask yourself 3 questions: What can I do today to celebrate myself? What would bring me joy? What do I really want to do? Then, just think about the options for a moment. Is it coffee in bed and a good book? Clearing out and decluttering that hall or bedroom closet that has accumulated unneeded items? – (the sense of accomplishment will make you feel good). Maybe take a walk in your new neighborhood, then catch-up on your favorite tv shows? The point is, ask yourself what you really want to do with your day, then grant yourself permission to enjoy your decision. You will never be bored exercising this technique. Plus, it will reignite a spark in yourself that may have been missing.

Blow out the candles

Birthdays are the one day a year especially designed to celebrate the day you touched the earth! Whether you’re a month-long celebrator, or celebrate just for the day, make it a point to do something special for yourself. Throw a party! Open a bottle of bubbly, clink some glasses, and eat your favorite kind of cake. But, what if you are not a good baker, or simply prefer someone else to do it? No worries at all. Visit and search by zip code for a local bakery shop near you and just have it delivered.

How about for a giggle or two hire a singing telegram from, and have Happy Birthday serenaded to you by a person in a pink gorilla suit using a banana microphone (or whatever character you prefer.)? Silly? Yes, but any party where you can eat cake and sing along with a pink gorilla is bound to be a memorable celebration.

Your Life’s DNA

The stars and the planets had to align exactly right for you to be here. Whether it’s your parents, great grandparents, or extended family members, there were a lot of people involved in the making of you. Think, if your past ancestors didn’t meet at just the right moment, you wouldn’t exist. So, you are a very special person. Why not investigate just how special by doing a little research about your family’s past? Knowing where you’re from and who you are is important. Learn more by visiting to research your family’s genealogy as the site provides well over 30 billion historical records with information about 100 million families. They can also do DNA testing and find your family members that way. Want another great source for finding your roots using DNA? The company provides DNA analysis providing information about your health, ancestry, and traits as well.

Spend time with children

If you are a person who enjoys the sound of pitter patter on the floor and being asked several questions within an hour, this tip is for you! Spending time with a child and remembering how life looks through their young eyes will bring nostalgic feelings. A time before responsibilities, when teddy bear hugs lasted, and cookies were a main food group. Whirling around on your 2-wheel bike, feeling sunshine on your shoulders and the wind in your hair happened every day after naptime. Let’s make more of those great memories.

Are your children or grandchildren now adults, but you want to spend more time with little ones? Maybe volunteer at your local church’s nursery? Or you could become a childcare provider or babysitter and get paid to do what makes you smile? View the open childcare positions in your area by visiting

If you have small children or grandchildren, do something fun with them! They will love it, and so will you. Some fun activities could be visiting a local park, having a game night, staging an inside play, making homemade ice cream, teaching them a craft, or baking a new recipe of their favorite food group – cookies. And, if the fun gets tiring, make sure any items in the spare bedroom are decluttered so everyone can have a cozy sleepover at your home. It really doesn’t matter what you do if you are laughing, smiling, and celebrating your time together. For a detailed list of 20+ family activities and fun things to do with your children, give a look.

Old friends are the best friends

Having friends in your life is special, but a loyal lifelong friendship is something to celebrate! Tell that person how much they mean to you and go do a favorite activity together. How about enjoying a dinner out at a fancy restaurant or take a yoga class you both wanted to try? When choosing an outing, keep in mind some locations may be closed or have limited services because of Covid-19. Remember to take safety precautions based on your health status, but don’t let it spoil your time together. If you need to, find something entertaining to do in an open area of your home, how about a virtual paint class by Make sure the location is free from clutter as the company ships all the supplies to your home, the class is private with your own instructor, and it’s great for small or large groups. You can invite friends from all over the US or living right down the road. All could join in on the cyber festivities, chit chat, and stay safe while having fun painting.

Change your point of view – literally

Sometimes all we need is a change or a little getaway? Pack a snack, and head out to your favorite destination. We suggest taking full advantage of the cold weather this time of year and take a trip to the mountains and stay at a cozy ski lodge. You don’t have to be a skier to have fun at your snowy destination. First, throw a snowball at your friends and family, and run from them. After catching your breath, here are couple snow filled choices – build a snowman, go sledding, snowshoe, or swing your arms to make an epic snow angel. On the other hand, no one said you had to go outside. Appreciate the white slopes from the comfort of the lodge – sip on your favorite hot beverage by a warm fire, schedule a leisurely afternoon massage and facial, or just bask in the rippling water of the hot tub while gazing at the falling snow. Here are our suggestions at for some truly beautiful mountain lodge getaways.

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