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America is one of the most mobile countries in the world. Some Americans move up to 11.7 times in their life according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Research shows that most of these moves are housing related, such as finding a larger home for a growing family or downsizing to a small home as adult children strike out on their own. People also relocate for a career or to be closer to family.   

Because May is National Moving Month and we are in the business of assisting people transition to new homes and communities, we wanted to help our readers  with some timeline ideas that can make your next move a big success.  

Why is it important to develop a timeline?  

Moving can be full of small details, lots of organization and some stress. While the WayForth team is here to help you manage your move, having your own timeline can make a big difference. It helps you keep track of what is getting done and what is left to do. Your timeline can also act as a reminder for you to double check your moving arrangements.  

One thing that helps many people is to make a notebook or a spreadsheet on the computer. Whether you prefer paper and pencil or a computer program, you should gather important dates, contact information and phone numbers you will need throughout the move, and notes about who you’ve talked to about moving arrangements so you can refer back to them quickly. It’s a good idea to keep any contracts together with your information as well.  

 3 months before you move  

  • Start interviewing companies such as WayForth to help you with your move. Spring and summer are usually very busy times and you do not want to choose a company who can’t accommodate your move dates. Even if you’re not certain about your closing date yet, do your research now so you can make a final decision when you’re ready. 
  • Begin to sort through your belongings. While it might seem a bit early, going through your possessions can be a large and slow job, especially if you are moving from a family home into a smaller home. Tackling one room at a time is a good way to start. You can also use this time to empty out the basement or attic. 

2 months before you move  

  • Get serious about decluttering, donating and distributing. Don’t wait until the last minute to start sorting. You may end up moving something that you don’t really need or want. Take the time to sort through things like clothes, books and kitchen items and give away what you aren’t taking with you. 

          For more help on downsizing, read our blog here! 

  • Get any contracts you may need finalized and/or signed. This includes paperwork with your banker, real estate professional and moving companies. Make sure you understand the fine details of what is expected so that there are no last-minute surprises. 
  • Start gathering supplies. You will need a LOT of boxes, tape and bubble wrap if you’re packing things yourself. 
  • Go ahead and pack seasonal items. Whether you have a lot of holiday decorations or sports equipment that isn’t being used this season, it’s time to get them organized, packed and labeled. 
  • Check to see how to dispose of any hazardous materials such as paint or electronics. Many areas have strict rules about placing these things in the garbage, so you may have to drive them to a county or city facility for disposal. 

1 month before you move  

  • Organize your garage sale if you’ve decided to have one. Make sure you have someone to help you the day of the sale and price things to get sold. Also, get some small bills and change from your local bank so you can make change for your customers. 
  • Place any items for sale online if you decide to go that route. Online sales are a great  alternative to an in-person garage sale. 
  • Get packing. Now is the time to make the big push if you’re packing yourself. Start with the things that aren’t used on a daily basis and gradually add everything except the essentials.
  • Label everything. Make sure you and your helpers can easily see if the box is heavy, fragile or something to open first. 
  • Make sure all utilities and other services have your new address and shut off times for the old address.

1 week before you move  

  • Dispose of anything that you don’t want to take with you. Plan to make runs to local charities or have the professionals at WayForth do this if you are using our services. 
  • Double check dates, times and procedures with your moving and real estate professionals. 
  • Pack your suitcase, medications, personal papers, pet food or other important items. These should be the last things out of the house and transported in your personal vehicle or a family member’s car. 
  • Label a box OPEN FIRST and include things like sheets, pillows, paper towels, cleaning items, etc. so you can use them to make your new place feel like home. 
  • Arrange for food, snacks and drinks for the new place so you will have all the energy you need to set up your home. 

This general timeline will give everyone a good starting point for any move. We hope that if you’re on your first move, your last or somewhere in between, that it’s a smooth and stress-free day!  


If you want to learn more about WayForth’s move management and moving solutions including downsizing, packing and unpacking contact us today. How you move matters, move with WayForth. 

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