Safe, successful online sales  

Don’t get us wrong! We love a good old-fashioned garage sale, stoop sale or yard sale. It’s fun to browse through items to find just the right piece. But today, a lot of sales are made online through apps and websites that help connect sellers with buyers.  

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If you are clearing out your home in anticipation for a move, or just to de-clutter, you should consider online sales. They allow you to take a photo, give a description and price and in most cases, decide who is going to purchase the item. Here are some of the most popular ways to sell your things online:  


Facebook Marketplace 

If you have a Facebook profile, you can use Facebook Marketplace. It enables you to create a listing by choosing a category such as furniture or sports equipment, upload a photo and set a price. Make sure you understand that a listing can be seen by anyone who is on Facebook, so you will want to be cautious about exchanging money or meeting people. One security tip is to meet a seller or buyer in an open public place or even in the parking lot of a local police station and always take a friend with you.  

Next Door  

This neighborhood focused website and app is popular for selling and buying household items. You can list something to sell or to give away for free. You must join the site to participate, but once you click on the “For Sale & Free” section, it’s easy to post a listing. Again, use caution when meeting someone you don’t know by exchanging money and items in an open place and taking a friend or relative along.  

Community pages  

Some suburbs or communities have their own newsletters, Next Door or Facebook pages which allow members to buy and sell. Ask your neighbors if they know of a local site or start your own.  


This site is one of the original sites to sell goods from your home. Unlike Facebook Marketplace or Next Door, EBay allows you to either sell the item (Buy It option) or create an auction so that people can bid on your item.  

Most auctions have a starting price, and the  site will take a small percentage of the selling price. You simply input all your information, add photos and let the fun begin. The seller is responsible for shipping the item, so make sure that you understand the rates for this service.  

Online auction houses  

Some people who are clearing out a large home may consider an online auction house to sell their items. This works best when there is a large number of items or certain collectibles. Online auction houses do all the work, but note that they do take a high percentage of the final sales.  

Specialty online sites  

These are sites that sell certain items such as clothes and accessories, electronics or sports equipment. Each uses the basics of uploading a photo and naming your price. Depending on the site you use, some charge a percentage of the final sale while others use a flat fee for using their site.  

Three helpful tips 

  1. For any online sales, make sure you take clear photos and include measurements if that might help sell your item. If it’s a name brand or NWT (new with tags), make sure you state that as well. 


  1. You should also choose your price carefully. Look around to see what the going rate for your item is in the marketplace. If a dress is listed for $100 but has not sold in a couple of weeks, you might be better listing a similar dress at $80. 


  1. Make sure you read the fine print. Each site is different, and you want to make the most of your sale. Understand what the fees are and if you are responsible for shipping or returns. 


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