Summer is a prime time for moving. The weather is generally better and more predictable, children are out of school and vacation days can be used for getting settled in the new home.  

If you’re moving to a new home or community this summer, we thought it might be helpful to share some of our best tips and hints.  

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Planning is key 

Planning is key if you want to move in the summer. A lot of people have the same idea, so it’s important to find the moving company that’s right for you and book them well in advance.  

If you find that you need to move quickly due to a job relocation or other circumstances, you may be forced to book a company that can fit you into their schedule. Make sure you do all your due diligence and that the organization you choose is reliable. Professional move managers such as WayForth have full-time staff members to give you peace of mind.  

Consider safety 

Taking safety measures is another way to make moving in the summer a good experience. Have plenty of water on hand for you and the moving professionals. Wear light, cool clothing and take breaks often. If you can, try to do the heavy lifting in the early morning hours before the day heats up. Even if you do have a company helping you, you or your family members will be busy directing where things will go and answering questions. You might be surprised how busy you may be!  

Creating a shady spot for kids, pets and even for yourself is key. Put a folding chair under a tree in the yard or find a space in the garage that’s not in the way of the movers. You can even designate an inside space with air conditioning such as an office or guest room as a cooling area. This gives everyone a chance to cool off during moving day.  

Keep an eye out for some of the warning signs for heat-related illnesses. 

You may also want to make arrangements for pets and children for the entire day. Ask a family member, neighbor or trusted sitter to help so you can focus on the move. 

Watch for damages 

Check on items that can be damaged in the heat. From medicines to food to candles, some things just can’t manage high temperatures. You don’t want some chocolates or a favorite candle to melt and ruin other possessions. Records, CDs and even laptops or tablets should also not be exposed to long bouts of heat in a moving truck. If you have something you think might not be heat tolerant, pull it out and take it with you in your personal car or pack it and mark it appropriately.  

Start with a cool house 

Finally, turn on the air conditioning or set up fans at the new house the day before if you can. While the movers are bringing items in and out all day, starting with a cool house can make all the difference. This tip is especially helpful if the home was empty for a couple of days or weeks prior to your move.  


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