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3600 sq. ft. to 1300 sq. ft. in just three weeks

Client Interview: Beth Grissom

“It was such a gift.”

That is how Beth Grissom, a recent WayForth client, describes the experience she and her husband had with our team as they had to quickly downsize and move due to a job change. Beth works in women’s ministries, is a speaker and podcaster, and lives with her husband in Asheville, North Carolina. Here is our interview with her:

Tell us about the basics of your move

We were in Charlotte, North Carolina and about 15 years from retirement. Asheville was on our radar for our next stop, but we thought we’d have lots of time to figure out the details like selling our family home, looking for a new place to live and moving. But my husband got a terrific career opportunity that would move us to Asheville earlier than we thought, so we took it.

All of a sudden we had about three weeks to make a huge transition and figure how to go from 3600 sq. ft. to 1300 sq ft and clear a house filled with family and possessions to get ready an empty-nest home.

Why did you choose WayForth?

Some of our church friends and associates actually worked at WayForth at the time. One called to see how I was doing and, as we talked, she told me what WayForth does.

I remember telling her that I didn’t need help. I didn’t want someone telling me what I could take and what I couldn’t. I figured I could do it myself while my husband was wrapping up business in Charlotte and getting ready for work in Asheville.

Growing up, my family had always moved ourselves. I come from a long line of people who know how to roll up their sleeves and do the work needed. My friend who worked at WayForth asked about donations, trash and the clean out after we sorted all of our things and let me know that WayForth could probably do it all in less than a week.

I didn’t understand that I was feeling overwhelmed, but when I thought about getting it all done in a week, it really brought things into focus. My husband also told me that he didn’t have the emotional and physical energy to help me, and that he didn’t want it to be all on my shoulders, so we went with WayForth.

What were your biggest concerns?

I don’t like being told what to do in any form of my life. I can get bristled easily. I was worried about people telling me what I was keeping and not keeping. And, while we are not hoarders, I was worried about people coming in to see what was in the basement.

I shouldn’t have worried quite so much. Every person we worked with (from WayForth) was so grace-filled. I never felt any shame about the state of my house. They were wonderful and very helpful at reading me. My main contact never pushed; she let me give directions and then went from there. In fact, she was complimentary about my ability to get rid of things!

Were there any pleasant surprises?

It was all done so fast. Their ability to go through so much, make decisions, pack, etc. was just wonderful. It was orderly. I went from 20+ years (of things) to order very quickly. To have everything gone and organized in such a quick time was very therapeutic. It truly gives you peace.

Any final thoughts?

There is no way I would have been capable of doing what they did in a week. I could have worked three months and I wouldn’t have done it.

I tagged what I wanted to take and what was storage. We donated a bunch of things. WayForth helped me decide what was trash and what I wanted to give away. It’s very helpful to not have to make all those decisions and have someone who was impartial to our possessions. WayForth is much more than just moving.

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