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If you’ve ever moved, you know it’s a huge job. Sorting, packing, organizing and dealing with a mover and other vendors takes large amounts of time and energy. But, what about the emotional challenge of moving?

In between all the details of your old home and new space, there will be feelings like anxiety and sadness bubbling up that you might not have been prepared for during your move. Letting go of old, familiar places and the need to navigate a new home and location is an emotional journey that needs acknowledgement.

According to Pete Shrock, Chief Operating Officer at WayForth, there is an invisible part of moving that involves the emotional weight surrounding the changes you’re going through. “Even if you’ve planned well, there is a wave of emotions and concerns. It helps to find a feeling of control in these sometimes-uncontrollable moments,” says Shrock.

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To help you make the most of your experience and lower your stress levels, check out some of our most valuable tips for coping with emotions associated with moving:

1. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions

If you’re feeling sad to leave friends and neighbors, it’s OK. If you’re worried about how you will fit into a new community, that’s normal. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Holding in emotions could cause a meltdown later in the process.

2. Ask for help

While you think of yourself as independent and capable, moving is a big deal. Start asking for help even before you think you might need it. Lining up friends and family to help sort or pack or just bring you dinner at the end of a long day is a great emotional lift.

3. Be thoughtful as you go through your possessions

Throwing everything into a box and sealing it shut may seem like the fastest way to get things done and ready to move. However, when you open that box on the other side, you may wonder why you even kept something or how it will fit into your new space. Take the time upfront to sort your items and determine whether to save, donate or toss to avoid any frustrations later.

4.Take time to really see your surroundings

If you’re leaving your family home, there are probably years of memories there. Take time from your organizing and moving to remember all the important things that happened there. From holidays to parties to quiet moments reading to your children, there are memories to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. Put these good times in your emotional bank for when things get tough.

5. Look ahead

If you can, take a few trips to your new neighborhood or community. Take a walk around your new street or grab lunch at a local restaurant. Small steps like this can make the new space feel more familiar. If you’re far away, you can also explore your new area using Google maps. Your move is a new opportunity and you can make it an opportunity for discovery and growth.

6. Speak up

If something isn’t going the way it should, don’t hesitate to speak up. During a move, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and be swayed by others’ opinions. Remember to communicate your needs clearly and stick to your vision.

7. Reserve some time for yourself

Finally, make sure that you schedule some down time. Order a pizza, watch a movie, get outside for a walk. Breaks can keep your emotional and physical energy going as you work through the moving process.

If you’d like to learn how the professionals at WayForth can help with all the aspects of moving such as floor planning, packing and unpacking, downsizing, storage solutions, and more, contact our move management experts today.  

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