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Nancy thought she’d live in her beloved condo forever. She and her husband purchased it about three years ago. Together, they’d designed every single inch of the 3,000-square-foot space. Custom furniture and drapery orders. Entire wall units built around works of art. A color palette that instantly made Nancy feel at ease after a long week of traveling for work. It wasn’t just home. It was the home of their dreams.

Then life happened. Circumstances changed. And they decided to move to Florida to be closer to Nancy’s mother. So despite the fact that Nancy loved that condo with all her heart, they put it on the market. Their dream home sold in just 10 days.

While they were excited to renovate their future dream home in the Sunshine State, they needed to have an apartment near the nation’s capital as well, at least for the time being. Luckily, they ended up finding a smaller unit in the same building for rent.

Suddenly Nancy, the owner of a crisis communication firm, found herself in her own state of crisis. Even though they were moving just a few doors down, she couldn’t fathom how they were going to manage this move on their own. Both of them worked long hours and traveled extensively. Taking time off to pack, unpack and settle in just wasn’t an option.

Nancy needed help. She needed a team of experts who could handle every aspect of her move from start to finish. Beyond packing and unpacking, she wanted someone who could take her vision for the new space and make it a reality. Someone who would take the time to understand their lifestyle and help turn their new D.C.-area condo into something that resembled the home they loved so much.

“I didn’t know this type of firm existed,” said Nancy. Then her sister, who works for a move management firm in Florida, told her about a local company called WayForth “She told me they could handle everything from setting up phone and cable to organizing your kitchen and fridge.”

After a significant amount of research and careful vetting process, they put this enormous undertaking into the hands of WayForth. She hired them to help 1) move out of their condo 2) prepare Florida-bound items for storage until their home was completed and 3) move them into their new, smaller condo unit a few stories down, while replicating as closely as possible their old home.

Susan Mooney, the WayForth account manager assigned to this project, knew that because of the scope of this project and all its moving parts, their first step needed to be creating a visual inventory of their art collection and furniture, one that included photos and dimensions.

“It became a working document between Nancy, WayForth and the design-contractor team (in Florida),” said Susan, who helped manage the project along with operations manager Debbie Wegman and a handful of other WayForth professionals. “It’s what the designers and move management firm in Florida are using for space planning in their new home. We also used it to help select pieces that would stay with them here in DC.”

More importantly, this unique process allowed Nancy and her WayForth team to build a level of trust that made Nancy feel completely comfortable leaving things in their hand. Nancy could focus on her work and travel wherever she needed to go, knowing that Susan and team had things handled. Debbie and Susan created an entire moving book dedicated to her project, which blew Nancy away. “I had never seen anybody come in with this level of preparation before,” she said. It instantly made her feel at ease.

With Nancy’s input, Susan and Debbie planned what items would go into storage, and what items would be going into the condo a few stories down. Through careful space planning, WayForth created a detailed floor plan of the new apartment, accounting for every item and deciding where furniture should go. Beyond space planning and moving, WayForth used their full suite of concierge services to research unique product solutions and vendors to help Nancy create a space that reflected their previous home and accommodated their many belongings into this smaller space, which was less than half the size of their previous one. Their old kitchen, for example, had significantly more cabinet and storage space. WayForth sourced and implemented organization solutions that maximized the new kitchen space and ultimately accommodated every single item that Nancy needed and wanted. They modified the existing closet to accommodate the couple’s wardrobes, and supported the interior design process by coordinating contractors and vendors to ensure projects were completed in accordance with their very tight timeline. Nancy’s severe allergies also presented unique challenges, so the WayForth team had to take every precaution to rid the apartment of any allergens or dust before she could move in.

Because of their demanding work and travel schedules, Susan, Debbie and the team at WayForth took on full project management and ownership of the move, keeping Nancy updated via email and phone calls. They worked with the movers, building management, outside vendors and contractors to create a seamless moving experience.

For Nancy, this transition was about much more than expert project management and help packing and settling in.

“It was very jarring for me to leave my home,” Nancy said. “At closing, I didn’t want to walk through the property.”

Walking into the new unit after a long week of travel, she wasn’t completely sure what to expect. And she couldn’t quite believe her eyes.

“I was stunned at how beautiful everything looked,” she said. “I was literally able to come home, play the same music, see two favorite pieces of artwork, my makeup was laid out. I didn’t miss a beat — and I couldn’t miss a beat. I had to be at work the next day.”

Nancy felt something she wasn’t sure she’d ever feel again. She felt at home.

She immediately called her sister — the one who works for the move management firm that will be handling their Florida move. “Wow, I hope you guys are up to this,” she said. “Because WayForth just set a really high bar. They did an amazing job.”

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