WayForth meets one couple’s high expectations by delivering a seamless, low-stress move.

The way Dave sees it, there are two ways to go about the process of moving: Do it yourself and climb the “high-stress ladder” or hire the professionals and let them take the worry and stress out of it. He and his wife had moved enough times to know they weren’t taking a single step up that ladder again. When they decided to sell their longtime home and transition to Miller’s Grant retirement community, they intended to keep their feet firmly planted in the stress-free zone.

“We are not moving anything,” Dave told Joan. “We’ve been there done that.”

No worrying about taking multiple trips to the store for packing materials. No anxiety about whether the movers would actually show up when they said they would. No worry about having to replace or repair any damaged items. No subjecting themselves to potential injuries by lifting heavy items. And most important, they could begin enjoying their new community the second they moved in, versus spending time unpacking and settling in.

Their new apartment wouldn’t be ready for another six months, but they planned to sell their home and live with their daughter until it was ready. They needed a team to help them pack for storage, then move them into their new home once it was ready.

Dave, a meticulous planner at heart, had heard about a local company called WayForth that promised to take the stress out of moving, and he intended to see what it was all about. When account manager Katie Davis came over for their initial consultation, Dave was armed with a list of questions. He wanted to know everything. How they managed the process, what kind of crates the movers used and how they navigate items into storage. He expected a high level of organization and a team with a strong work ethic that would make every single second of his hard-earned dollars count. And because Dave and Joan wanted WayForth to pack, move and settle them into their new house, organizing their kitchen cabinets and replicating areas of their old home, he wanted to make sure he was hiring a team with the experience to do it.

Katie helped put his mind at ease, answering his questions and ensuring him that she and his project manager would be there to personally oversee every element of the process to avoid any damages or unexpected surprises.

They began with the floor plan, which WayForth acquired from Miller’s Grant.

“They came in with a magnetic board that basically allows you to play chess with your furniture,” Dave says. It was a tool that helped Dave and Joan know early on what pieces they would keep (and where in the new house they would go) and which pieces they needed to sell, donate or dump. For Dave, this part of the process was a huge stress reliever and time-saver.

“It gave you a snapshot and a blueprint, so that on moving day, you can tell the movers exactly where everything will go,” he says.

Next: packing day.

A hard worker by nature, Dave was floored by the level of energy his project manager Cheryl O’Bannon and her team had.

“Cheryl was a hard task master,” he said with a chuckle. “They were like ants in every room packing. She is very good and did an excellent job. She was worrying about everything that we would have had to worry about if we had done it ourselves.”

Months later, when their apartment was move-in ready, all they had to do was place one call to WayForth. They contacted the storage facility and made arrangements with Miller’s Grant. And on moving day, Cheryl and team knew exactly where in the new house every item needed to go.

“They were extremely efficient,” Dave said. “Not a minute was wasted.”

By the time they were finished, there wasn’t a single scratch on a wall, every item was in its place and there wasn’t a single drop of evidence that a move had even taken place.

“They take all the boxes and bubble wrap,” Dave says. “So many of our neighbors were still unpacking, but we walked in and it looked like home. They had even made the bed.” In Dave’s mind, you really can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

“These pros were the prescription that helped us lower our stress level and there were no last-minute surprises,” Dave says. “Using their services was an excellent decision for us.”

Are you moving soon? WayForth is your go-to professional move management company dedicated to taking the stress out of moving. Contact us today to learn how our complete move solutions can help you!

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