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WayForth’s spring webinar series, “How You Move Matters,” is about to wrap up at the end of May. While we have one more session to come on May 31st, we want to share some tips and information from our experts that may make your move a bit easier.  

Let’s start with “The Emotionality of Moving,” the topic from Kiera DesChamps, WayForth Regional Managing Director. She spoke earlier in the series and offered key ideas about how to manage the emotions and stress of moving.  

Thoughts of moving can bring about the fear of the unknown, coupled with actions that may take you out of your comfort zone. Life feels like it’s on a temporary hold because all of your energy and time are all related to the move. Your current house is a mess and it can start to feel like a lot to handle.  

Kiera noted that change is hard and it’s natural and normal to feel anxious. You’re not alone and you can make your move easier with a little planning, a bit of assistance and a shift in your thinking. Some ways to cope that she suggested include: 

  • A positive attitude and mindset can help. Work on self-talk and affirmation, as well as asking for help when you need it. 
  • Doing your research. Getting to know the area or neighbors can help you feel connected. Take time to find the YMCA, a group for social activities or a place of worship so you can feel part of your new community.
  • Using a checklist and timeline. Being organized can make you feel more in control. 
  • Remembering to start early and take one thing at a time. 


Working with a professional move management and moving solutions company like WayForth can also assist with the stress and dozens of details that are involved in a big life transition. The team understands the emotions that people experience and can help in making the process run smoother. If you didn’t get a chance to join us for Kiera’s webinar presentation, you can view it here.

 Earlier in the webinar series, we also featured Craig Shealy, Co-Founder and CEO of WayForth. He spoke on “Financial Considerations for Seniors Looking to Move.” Some of the topics he touched on were how to have an open dialogue with family members, how to choose where to live as a senior, and considerations of costs with your lifestyle now and in the future. If you missed his part of the webinar series, you can view it on YouTube here 

The final webinar in our spring series will be “The Physical Realities of a Move: How to Prepare” on May 31. Hosted by JoDee Archetti, WayForth Senior Launch Manager, she will guide you through the physical realities of moving to prepare you for the best outcome. JoDee will share her tips and thoughts about taking care of yourself during each phase of your move.  


Join us for this informative session. Register today! 


If  you want to learn more about moving and storage solutions, visit the WayForth website or contact us today. 

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