This is the busy season in the moving industry, so we thought we would share with you some of our key do’s and don’ts to help you make your moving experience a smooth and stress-free one.

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DO stage your home

Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but not everyone takes the time and effort to stage their home while it’s on the market. It is helpful to listen to your real estate professional or stager and do what you need to make your house look its most appealing. A professional who specializes in downsizing and decluttering can also provide guidance and tips to make staging easier.

DON’T wait to find a moving company

Many people move in the spring and summer, so it’s important that you find a moving partner that is available when you are ready. This means planning ahead on your part with dates and estimates, but it will pay off in the end.

DO use a moving company who comes to your home for an estimate

Professional moving companies understand what it takes to move and can provide you with an accurate estimate by taking a survey of your furniture and possessions in your current home. If a company wants to give you a quote over the phone, you might be surprised later when you get your final bill.

DON’T skimp on quality moving boxes

Make sure you have solid, sturdy boxes that will protect your possessions, along with an appropriate amount of packing paper and bubble wrap as needed. A quality moving company can help you estimate how much you need and include the supplies in your estimate if you request that as part of the service.

DO make a timeline

There are a lot of details when moving into a new home. Developing a timeline and getting organized early is essential to save yourself some stress. Make a list of everything you need to do in advance, including even the smallest tasks. Then sit down with your calendar and assign a date for each task. This will help you stay on schedule so you’re ready when the big day arrives.

DON’T forget about your pets

Make a separate box for pet food, any toys, and a familiar bed or blanket for your furry friend. Moving can be stressful, so make sure your pet has a safe and quiet place to stay while movers are packing and unpacking.

DO make sure your new utilities are ready for you

You will want to make sure that all the electricity is on and the Internet is set up before you get to your new home. Make these phone calls early in the process and keep records of which utilities you’ve contacted and the date when your service will start. You may also need to make appointments for technicians to come to your new space so note those times and dates on your timeline.

DON’T skip a floor plan

Knowing where your furniture and items will go in your new home will make moving day much easier for you and your moving partner. Make sure each piece will fit by measuring beforehand and label everything clearly so that items end up in the correct place.

Finally, DO make a box with essential items. Think about clean sheets for your bed, a change of clothes, a charger for your electronic devices, and some snacks and drinks. Label this box clearly and take it with you in your car rather than on the moving truck for easy access.

Consulting with a professional moving partner like WayForth can help you have a smooth, hassle-free experience. If you’re ready to talk about moving and need some expert assistance, our team at WayForth is here for you. Call us today.

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