Moving into a new community brings a lot of adjustments. You have to figure out where the most convenient grocery store is, where the best restaurants are located and how far it is to the shopping center or movie theater. In a lot of cases, you will have to make new friends, especially if you’ve moved across town or to a new city.

One way to get a lot of information about your new community – and cultivate new friendships – is to simply talk to people. While that may sound intimidating to some, it’s really easy once you get started. Here are some ideas to help you get the conversation started and meet people in your new home.

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Step out of your home or apartment

Making this first move might be the hardest, but it’s one of the easiest ways to meet people. Whether you live in a senior community or a suburb, getting out to introduce yourself is the perfect first step. Some places even have welcoming committees you can take advantage of to help you feel more connected.

Smile and wave

While this may seem obvious, approaching people with a smile and a friendly “hello” is a great way to start a chat with someone new. Even waving at a neighbor as they walk into dinner gives them the signal that you’re open to a friendship.

Find people with similar interests

To find people who like the same things you do, join a group. Try connecting with a local Facebook group that features a hobby or interest you enjoy, or check out to find anyone from bowlers to bridge players. You can also invite someone in your senior community to do a one-to-one activity with you. For example, if you love movies, suggest renting one or going to the theatre together.

Check out the local YMCA, churches, temples, synagogues, or other places of worship

Places like community centers or churches are great neighborhood resources for meeting people. The YMCA may have fitness classes or a book club you may be interested in where you’ll get to know others. Houses of worship often have study groups or community projects for members in addition to regular services.

Learn something new

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something new, such as woodworking or how to knit, taking a class is a great way to meet people. Learning a new skill brings people together with common interests and sharing information during class is a great conversation starter.

Volunteer in your new community

Whether you decide to make centerpieces for the senior living area dining room or read to children at a local school, volunteering is a great way to meet others. Or you can offer to lead a book club or bake treats for local first responders and ask others to join.

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