When you hear downsizing in regard to a move, you might think about people who are moving from a large home to a smaller place. Or you might think about how you can take 40 years of memories and scale back to make your things more manageable. Whichever way you look at it, downsizing is a big task for most people. 

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Make it manageable 

One of the keys to make downsizing a less stressful job is to take it one step at a time. Organize the large tasks and break them down to smaller, more manageable projects. For example, don’t think about paring down the entire kitchen in one day. Instead, pick two or three cupboards and start small. When you can see progress, it helps keep you going. 

Assess expectations 

You probably know you can’t take it all with you. So, you will need to have clear expectations about what you need, what you want, and what you can do without. 

First, determine what absolutely has to go to the next residence. The beds, dressers, couch are all usual items that people take when they move. If you have a home picked out, you can determine whether large items will fit or how you will set up your new place. 

To help start reducing your items, you may want to start in the garage or basement. That’s where most of us put items that we don’t need to access every day. One hint is to do this ahead of time to receive an accurate moving quote. It can help you consider whether moving items you haven’t touched in years is worth the expense. 

Create a timeline and set goals 

Whether or not you have a move-in date, you can still create a plan that can help you organize your time and set your weekly goals. Leave yourself plenty of time for decluttering, sorting, donating and haul away services. Another goal is to contact family and friends to see if they want or need anything which no longer is helpful to you such as baby items, sports equipment or collectibles. 

Work smart 

Start a notebook or digital worksheet with possible contacts for donations or haul away services. Note any special requests from family or friends. Think out of the box; old dress clothes could go to a local theatre group. Extra kitchen items may be useful to organizations which help people setting up new households. Photos and papers can be digitized. 

A yard sale may also be a good idea at this stage. Many neighborhoods have yard sale weekends which can bring more buyers into the area. Make sure to plan for what doesn’t sell by contacting any charities or family members who may be interested. 

Take care of yourself 

Once you’ve managed your expectations, set some goals and organized your move in a thoughtful way, getting ready for your new home will be a bit simpler and efficient. Remember this process can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining, so build in some rest time to make sure you have energy to enjoy this new chapter. 

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