As adult children, it can be difficult to think about senior living options for our parents. They have likely been living in the same home for decades. The idea of them moving can bring about a range of complex emotions. Nevertheless, there are many positives associated with choosing a senior living facility.

The right facility can provide an atmosphere of safety and comfort, with endless activities and opportunities for new friendships. Read on for tips to making the best choice for your aging parent as well as what should be considered when moving them into senior living.

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1 – Available Living Options

Ask the first question when considering a senior living facility for your aging parent: What types of living options are available? Most facilities offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care services:

  • Independent living provides seniors with an opportunity to maintain their independence in a safe environment while still having access to amenities such as community activities and meals.
  • Assisted living provides seniors with assistance with daily tasks such as bathing or taking medications while still allowing them some measure of independence.
  • Memory care services provide extra support for seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by providing 24/7 care and specialized activities designed to help maintain cognitive function.

2 – Onsite Support Staff

It is important to know the emergency system in place at a senior living facility. Is there 24-hour support staff on-site? In case of an emergency, what options are available? This will help ensure that your loved one will always have someone available who can assist them in case of an emergency.

3 – Amenities

Senior living facilities typically offer amenities and activities designed to keep residents engaged and active. Find out what types of activities are available on-site such as exercise classes or art classes. Many facilities also have outdoor spaces for residents to socialize or take part in activities like gardening or bird watching.

Additionally, some facilities offer off-site trips for their residents so they can explore their surroundings. These trips may include visits to local attractions or shopping centers. Don’t forget to ask about monthly or annual events as well!

4 – Your Options

It is important to research more than one facility before committing to one final decision. Examine two types of living options for your parents: independent living communities and assisted living facilities. Evaluate which one may be more appropriate, based on their situation.

Additionally, you should check reviews online from previous residents or family members who have experience with the facility in question. Gaining insight into people’s satisfaction with their experience at the facility will help identify potential drawbacks.

5 – Other Questions to Ask

In addition to researching potential facilities online, you should also ask questions before committing to one place. Some examples include visiting hours, staff expertise, pet policies and onsite events. Organizing questions into a spreadsheet can help you narrow down your options. All the answers from the communities you speak with should be included.

6 – Cost and Extra Fees

When researching different options for senior living, it’s important to consider costs associated with each option. Some facilities offer different levels of care depending on what type of assistance is needed. It’s important that you have an idea of what services they will require before making any commitments or signing any contracts.

Inquire about additional costs that may not be covered by the monthly fee, such as extra medical services or personal care items. It is also important to ask about payment options; some facilities offer discounts for paying upfront or in bulk. While some facilities may seem cheaper initially, they may not include amenities like meals or transportation in their base prices.

7 – Move Management Services

Once you have decided which facility is right for your parents, create a timeline for upcoming tasks before the move takes place. These could include space planning (if necessary), downsizing furniture/belongings, packing and moving items for transport or storage, settling into the new residence once you arrive there, and considering storage options if needed items that don’t go to their new home. These tasks will vary depending on how much assistance your parents need during this process.

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Moving our loved ones into a new home can be challenging. It is important to focus not only on practical matters, but also on managing difficult emotions. This is especially true when transitioning our parents into their new home. We must all adapt together during this time of change.

It is easier to choose the right senior living community if one understands what factors to consider. These may include cost, location, amenities and services, and level of care. Knowing these details can simplify the decision-making process. The steps outlined above will ensure that you have made an informed decision based on what works best for everyone involved in this transition process.

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