Have a clutter-free holiday this year!

The holidays bring so much joy with time for family and friends, lots of delicious food and special gifts. It can also mean a lot of stuff such as decorations, wrapping paper, boxes and bows.

If you’re interested in having a holiday that cuts down on clutter and lets you enjoy the warmth and connection of the season, you can take steps right now to pare back.

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Start with some downsizing

Before you pull the decorations out of the attic or ramp up shopping and wrapping, take an honest look at your home as it is right now. Are there closets that can be organized? Should you finally give away all those extra books?

Downsizing before the holiday can free up both physical space and mental space. With so much going on, the last thing you want to think about is how crowded your hall closet is or remembering to take a box to the charity of your choice. Try to get some of these downsizing chores done now so you can concentrate on the fun of the season.

Learn more about how to downsize by reading our “Start Downsizing Today; 6 Easy Steps to Help You Downsize” blog.

Decide on decorations

Decking the halls for the holidays is one of those things that is very personal. Some people enjoy loads of shiny ornaments and a tree in almost every corner, while other people choose a simpler route.

Begin by taking an inventory of what you already have tucked away in your holiday decorations boxes. Use and keep only what you love and gift the rest to newlyweds who are starting their collection or a local senior retirement community to spruce up their spaces. Resist the impulse to buy anything new, at least until you’ve gone through all your decorations and figured out what goes where.

If you want to think simpler this season, try using just a bowl with some ornaments on the mantle or table instead of multiple pieces in every corner. Using one big piece has more impact than dozens of little displays.

Rules for wrapping

With boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons and holiday cards, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with clutter and trash. To reduce the waste and make a positive impact on the environment, re-use gift bags, fancy tissue paper and wrapping paper from year to year. You can also use newspaper, maps or even fabric to wrap. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, take your leftover brown paper grocery bags, cut them to size for your gift, and paint, stencil or decorate them.

Other earth-friendly tips:

  • If you’re ordering several gifts from one source, you can request to get them delivered in one box
  • Re-use last year’s holiday cards as gift tags or postcards
  • After the holidays, offer shipping boxes to friends who may be moving

Gifts tips

To further reduce clutter, gift experiences instead of a new sweater or book. A gift certificate for dinner at a favorite restaurant, movie tickets, homemade sweets or an offer to babysit are all welcome gifts that don’t take up space. You can also request a present such as a donation to a favorite organization or a time with someone special.

The most important tip of all is to decide how you want to spend the holidays with your loved ones. If you’re looking for care and connection, warm memories and time to sit and visit, make sure your surroundings reflect that with less clutter this season.

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