Home for the holidays

Gathering family to talk about downsizing and moving

If you or a loved one has been thinking about downsizing or making the move to a senior living community, the holidays may be the perfect time to start the conversation. Families are together and in good spirits, so you, siblings, parents and relatives have an opportunity to share ideas, information and opinions.

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Get the ball rolling

It’s always better to make plans ahead of time rather than trying to make decisions in a crisis mode. Even if you want to move in six or 12 months, don’t put off any chats. Finding the right community, organizing belongings, downsizing and donating items and clear-out can take time. Plus, you want to make sure you give your senior moving company enough notice.

Give people a heads up

If you’re the one who is ready to downsize or move, start out by introducing the idea before the festivities start. Give the people who need to know a heads up that the holiday gathering will also include discussions about sorting possessions or senior community options. Talking points can include:

  • Your timeline
  • What you would like to do with your current residence
  • Location and type of community you’re interested in
  • Financial considerations

Schedule a family tour

While you’re together, it’s a great time to schedule a tour of a few residences that interest you. Make appointments with the communities in your area and ask trusted family members to accompany you. Gathering information, meeting staff and residents and seeing how the space feels to you is a great way to narrow down choices and make decisions.

Assess and declutter

While everyone is home, you can choose to use holiday time to sort, sell and donate. Your movers will give you an estimate depending on how much you have to transport and purging things now may mean savings later. You’ll ensure a more accurate (and lower!) estimate, if you take the time now to determine whether that grandfather clock and king-size bed will be making the trip to your new home.

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Decide on professional help

If your current home needs work, ask family and friends if they have recommendations for painters or handymen. You might also discuss engaging a real estate agent or moving company. Professional senior move managers like WayForth can take some of the work and stress out of the process by helping with everything from space planning and downsizing to setting up your new home.

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Don’t skip the joy!

The holidays should be a time of fun and family. While it’s a great time to talk about downsizing and moving, you also want to make time for your favorite traditions whether it’s a family game night or a quiet cup of cocoa.

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