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If you’ve ever used the phrase “organized chaos” to describe your life, forgotten a birthday party or wished for a personal assistant, you’ve come to the right blog. And while we can’t really help with cloning yourself or growing several extra sets of arms, we do have a few ideas for organizing all the family to-do’s swirling around in your brain — which might be the next best thing.

Here’s how you can create a family command center in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Find a central spot.
Is there an area of your home that works perfectly for a command center? Consider high-traffic areas for the best visibility that’s accessible to even your littlest family members. The kitchen is a popular area, and if your home already has a mud room or cubbies for the kids, expanding the area into central command utilizes a space that’s already essential.

Step 2: Gather supplies.
This doesn’t have to be an elaborate, expensive project. Invest in a calendar, a small whiteboard and dry erase marker, bulletin board and a paper organizer for mail, homework, etc. Use the bulletin board to pin school reminders, permission slips, invites, etc. The whiteboard can serve as a place for your to-dos, meal plan, grocery list, or even a Morning Routine checklist. As for the paper holder, keep your counters clutter-free by keeping receipts, incoming mail or school paperwork here.

Step 3. Fill out your calendar.
Set aside 30 minutes and pencil in important dates now. Look at the entire year, and go ahead and write down scheduled vacations, soccer game schedules, date nights, grandparent visits, etc. While you’ll update this continually, taking the time to look at what you already have on your calendar will help you see what things you may have to say no to as they come up.

Step 4. Adjust as you go.
Once you have everything in a spot, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to stay there. Over time, you may find that you don’t really use the menu board space — consider using it for something else or taking it down completely. If one of your kids has trouble reaching the pen holder, move it lower. The key is to make it perfect for your family’s needs, even as they change.

Step 5. Add a digital tool.
Home assistants like Alexa or Google Home can help you keep things organized. Use it to set daily reminders for medication, feeding the dog, or to remind you about an important upcoming appointment. Use these handy helpers to create your grocery lists, set alarms for “Clean up Parties” and use it as a timer while cooking, and to remind you to complete that permission slip before the deadline.

Most important, assess your command center once a month, discarding items that are no longer relevant and adding important dates. If you need help bringing some order to your chaos, you know we’re always here to help with one-on-one home organization services. Explore our online packages and choose one that’s right for you.

And we’d love to see the progress you’re making! Share your success stories with us.

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