Green up your life with gardening

April is National Gardening Month and there’s nothing like the feeling of growing something yourself. From flowers and houseplants to vegetables, gardening is an enjoyable hobby that can be embraced at any age.

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Let your gardening match your lifestyle

Some senior living communities have small plots that residents can use during the growing season. You can also use pots inside to fill your space with green or outside to make a patio or deck garden. If you’re still in a traditional home, you can utilize raised beds to make working a bit easier on your knees if you wish. Hanging baskets are also a fun way to add flowers or vegetables to your life without a lot of space or work.

Reap the physical benefits

Getting outside and working in a garden is a great way to get some physical benefits. In addition to fresh air and vitamin D from the sun, there’s enough movement to give you some light aerobic exercise if you’re walking, stretching and bending while tending to your flowers or vegetables. Working with the soil, whether in a potted plant or a garden bed can also help keep your motor and brain skills sharp. Almost everything is engaged when you’re gardening including your mind, your hands and your body.

Digging, lifting and moving around is also a great way to add endurance and strength to your daily routine. Remember to work within your physical limits and consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Gardening is also calming and can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. Being in nature is known to have restorative benefits and gardening is an easy way to add a bit of green into your days.

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Help mental activity bloom

According to a respected study, it was found that gardening can actually lower the risk of dementia by more than 35 percent. You can also relieve stress and anxiety by digging in the dirt. Working with plants can help stimulate your mind with all the textures and colors you’ll experience as well as activate serotonin, the happy hormones in your brain.

Planting things and watching them grow can also give a gardener a sense of accomplishment and purpose. By having to attend to your plants, you are nurturing something that needs your care to survive and that can be very satisfying.

Social connections can also be formed through a love of gardens and plants. You can be part of a gardening club or group and share your passion with others while you create new friendships. Or, you can share your blooms and vegetables with others to pass along your bounty.

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