Pets add so much to our lives. In addition to the fact that they are great company, having a pet can also help get you out of the house and exercising through daily walks. Pet ownership is also shown to increase your social interaction, decrease loneliness or depression, and even lower your blood pressure.

So, it’s important to keep your pet in mind as you make plans to move to a new home. While you work on downsizing, finding the right movers and furniture placement, keep these tips in mind to help Fido or Fifi navigate the move and adjust to their new surroundings.

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Before the move

  • Pets need routines to make them feel safe and comfortable. Try not to move their litter boxes, beds or food bowls as you pack.
  • Think about microchipping your pet if they are not already. Stressed pets might wander and having their information captured in a database can help them safely return home. Remember to update your information with the microchip company after you’ve moved.
  • Pack for your pet with all their items in one box that’s easily found. You might even think about bringing the pet’s belongings with you in the car or put them last on the truck so you can grab them first.
  • Find a safe place for your pet while the movers are in your old home. Choose a room and include the pet’s bed, food and a toy to keep them occupied while the furniture is packed.
  • Alert the movers that you have a pet in the house so no doors are left open that may be an easy escape route.

After the move

  • Update any ID tags on your cat or dog’s collar with your new address and phone if needed.
  • Set up a new pet space. Make sure your furry friend knows where the pet bed, food bowls and litter box are in your new home.
  • Allow lots of exploration. There will be new sounds, new smells and new corners of the home to discover. Let your pet find their own way round and give them time to adjust.
  • Understand if your pet may hide or not act normal. They have been through a big move and adjustment could take some time.

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