Hi Neighbor!

How to meet and talk with new people

When you move into a new community, you don’t only gain a new home; you gain new neighbors. Because December is National Hi Neighbor Month, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways to meet people and strike up conversations.

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Getting to know you

The best way to meet people is to step out of your front door. Whether you’re in an apartment-type building, a senior community, or a stand-alone home, you can get to know the folks around you by being pro-active.

  • Join a group

Do you love movies? Crafts? Playing cards? Look for ways to connect with people with similar interests. At a senior community, there are probably organized activities to join. Or, you can look on MeetUp.com or even Facebook to find groups in person and online to join. Your local YMCA, church or synagogue are also great places to find neighbors and potential friends.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

If you never learned how to knit, or you’re unsure what mahjong is, now is your time. Getting out of your regular routine and doing something new is a great way to bond with new neighbors.

  • Be present

It’s seems like an easy thing, but being mindful of your day-to-day interactions can also connect you with your new home and neighbors. Sharing a smile with the mail delivery person, exchanging a recipe with someone down the hall or asking someone new to sit with you at a meal can make all the difference.

You can also:

  • Volunteer in your community whether it’s helping to deliver meals or read to children
  • Bake some treats and share them with people next door
  • Offer to help with decorating for the holidays in a senior community
  • Sign up for the community or neighborhood welcoming committee

Let’s talk about it

Part of connecting with people is having a conversation. But some people find striking up a chat with a new person a bit hard. When you’re faced with a new community, try to remember that a lot of people are in the same position as you. Often new residents are just as anxious as you to make new friends, so try to remember that when putting yourself out there.

  • Say hello

While this tip seems simple, it can be a little intimidating when you’re living in a new place. But smiling at someone in the hall or saying “hello” on the sidewalk is a big move. It opens up a connection, even if the conversation stops at the first hello. The next time you and the person see each other, there will be a recognition and that’s how a friendship can start.

  • Ask questions

One easy way to start a conversation is to ask questions. Most people love to help others and simple queries such as asking where to find the best pizza or where they worship can start the ball rolling.

  • Give a compliment

If you admire someone’s sweater, let them know. If you think their dog is cute, tell them. People enjoy talking about their favorite finds or “fur-babies” and a compliment about most anything is great way to start people talking.

  • Leave room for a back-and-forth dialogue

At times, you can be so nervous or anxious to have a conversation that you may chatter on without even knowing it. Make sure you leave room for the other person to answer and add their thoughts to the talk. It makes for a more complete conversation and help both parties get to know each other.

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